Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Rae from FORESHADOW

This is Rae's creator

This week, I bring you Raena, a remarkable young woman by anyone's standards.

Raena, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.
RAENA: Call me Rae. Everyone else does. Well, except for people trying to annoy me—my foster sister Tanis being one of the most annoying ones. I’m sixteen and I live in California. Oh yeah, and I just found out that I’m not completely human.

What's the hardest part about your quest in this book?

RAENA: Well, the crazy guy stalking me for one . . . and the nightmares. They’re seriously creepy. Sometimes I feel like I might not wake up from them. I can’t really tell anyone what’s actually going on—they’ll think I’m crazy.

What have you learned the most in this adventure?

RAENA: Besides the fact that I’m not human and neither is my sort-of boyfriend or my crazy stalker? Apparently, there’s some sort of crazy prophecy about me—at least, they say it’s me—that I’m supposed to do something I don’t want to do. If I don’t do it willingly, I don’t know what will happen.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it?

RAENA: Well, let’s see . . . my mom died, I had to move to another state, I found out I’m not human . . . did I mention that my boyfriend turns out to be my guardian angel? Oh yeah, and someone wants to sacrifice me. My life is not fun right now.

Where and when can we find your story?

RAENA: FORESHADOW, book one of my series THE SHADOW IMPERIUM, will be coming soon from Astraea Press. The release date will be announced on my creator’s Facebook and Twitter.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

RAENA: Brea Essex lives in California, not too far from me. Actually, she used to live in the town I currently live in, which is why I introduced myself to her. She does have another project she’s working on, whose characters need to shut up so Brea can finish my story!  It’s called THE ZAYIN CHRONICLES. She’s making me share a blurb—she says Rhiannon would do the same for me. ::rolls eyes::

OUROBOROS (Book One of The Zayin Chronicles):
Imagine waking up in the hospital to find someone in your room that only you could see.
When seventeen-year-old Rhiannon wakes from a coma after a rock-climbing accident, she finds a strange guy in her room.  He seems to be invisible to everyone—and he needs her help.
Zac is a Zayin, one of an elite fighting team.  The problem is:  he’s dead.  He needs Rhiannon’s help to find his body so he can stop the self-proclaimed Prince of Death—The Necrovorst. Can they stop The Necrovorst before he unleashes his demons and destroys the world?

You can find my creator pretty much everywhere online, but she’s mostly at her Facebook page:
Twitter: @BreaEssex   and blog: