Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Rae from FORESHADOW

This is Rae's creator

This week, I bring you Raena, a remarkable young woman by anyone's standards.

Raena, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.
RAENA: Call me Rae. Everyone else does. Well, except for people trying to annoy me—my foster sister Tanis being one of the most annoying ones. I’m sixteen and I live in California. Oh yeah, and I just found out that I’m not completely human.

What's the hardest part about your quest in this book?

RAENA: Well, the crazy guy stalking me for one . . . and the nightmares. They’re seriously creepy. Sometimes I feel like I might not wake up from them. I can’t really tell anyone what’s actually going on—they’ll think I’m crazy.

What have you learned the most in this adventure?

RAENA: Besides the fact that I’m not human and neither is my sort-of boyfriend or my crazy stalker? Apparently, there’s some sort of crazy prophecy about me—at least, they say it’s me—that I’m supposed to do something I don’t want to do. If I don’t do it willingly, I don’t know what will happen.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it?

RAENA: Well, let’s see . . . my mom died, I had to move to another state, I found out I’m not human . . . did I mention that my boyfriend turns out to be my guardian angel? Oh yeah, and someone wants to sacrifice me. My life is not fun right now.

Where and when can we find your story?

RAENA: FORESHADOW, book one of my series THE SHADOW IMPERIUM, will be coming soon from Astraea Press. The release date will be announced on my creator’s Facebook and Twitter.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

RAENA: Brea Essex lives in California, not too far from me. Actually, she used to live in the town I currently live in, which is why I introduced myself to her. She does have another project she’s working on, whose characters need to shut up so Brea can finish my story!  It’s called THE ZAYIN CHRONICLES. She’s making me share a blurb—she says Rhiannon would do the same for me. ::rolls eyes::

OUROBOROS (Book One of The Zayin Chronicles):
Imagine waking up in the hospital to find someone in your room that only you could see.
When seventeen-year-old Rhiannon wakes from a coma after a rock-climbing accident, she finds a strange guy in her room.  He seems to be invisible to everyone—and he needs her help.
Zac is a Zayin, one of an elite fighting team.  The problem is:  he’s dead.  He needs Rhiannon’s help to find his body so he can stop the self-proclaimed Prince of Death—The Necrovorst. Can they stop The Necrovorst before he unleashes his demons and destroys the world?

You can find my creator pretty much everywhere online, but she’s mostly at her Facebook page:
Twitter: @BreaEssex   and blog:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interview with Asheer: The Adversary by Maria Rosario

I like to keep things interesting here on The Chronicles of Corinne, so today I'm interviewing the lovely Asheer, who is not only incredibly powerful, but is also an Archangel! Welcome.

Asheer, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in. I understand you are the Archangel of War and master of the legions of Avalon, can you tell us what that means?

First of all let me say thank you for taking the time to interview me, it’s a real treat to meet a strong woman like you Corinne, it gives me hope for the mortal world.  Well my name is Asheer, as you’ve mentioned I am the Archangel of war, and master of the legions of the Avalon, but more on that bit in a moment.  Before any other title, I am the twin sister of the Archangel Gabriel, the older sister of the Archangel Shuliel, daughter of the Seraph Metatron and the Elf princess Karmyné, niece of Garmyné, King of the Southern Elves, wife of the Archangel Michael, a true friend, and a fierce warrior when I have to be.  

Wow! That's a mouth full. 

My book is called The Adversary; in it I reveal the secrets of a clandestine war between Kether, The King of The Gods, and an entity known as the Adversary.  Although it is forbidden for me or any other celestial to document our history, I believe the mortal world must be told about this conflict raging just beyond the veil of your reality, and I am the only one of my kind willing to tell you.  The conflict I am speaking of has been going on for ages, but recently, several hidden enemies have revealed themselves, and many of my friends and loved ones have been killed, or have changed their allegiance.  As a result, things have taken a turn for the worse, and are spinning out of control.  The catalyst of this mess is Lucifer, but he isn’t working alone. He has lots of help. It would be easy to deal with Lucifer and his group of cronies if they were the only problem. They are not, and if the Archangels loose this war the repercussions will reverberate across my world and your own.

In terms of what it means to be the Archangel of War, I was given that nickname centuries ago after I defeated the goddess Athena in battle. In those days I held the title of Archai, which mean I was Kether’s right hand and sole commander of his legions.  After the Great Celestial Wars I stepped down from my position as Archai, but the name stuck.  I take the role very seriously though, since it means the legions consider me a symbol of strength on the battlefield, and Michael, the current Archai, and Kether rely on me to develop sound and successful strategies in times of war.

What's the hardest part about your quest in this book?

The hardest part of my quest has been the loss of so many good friends and loved ones.  Celestials aren’t immortal. We die, but only through violent means, such as wars, and murder, or by choosing to enter the land of the dead willingly.  Because our life spans are so long we develop intensely deep attachments to our family and friends, which makes the separation of loosing someone very difficult for us.  My next statement might sound contradictory to some, but I don’t care much for violence or death. When I step out on the battlefield I see the beauty, and feel the intense pain of war, more than anyone else, which is one of the reasons why I walked away from the position of Archai.

The second difficult piece of my journey in this book has been coming to terms with my own guilt.  Many millennia ago I had a choice, I could have stopped Kether from making the mistake that led us to the calamity we are facing now, but I didn’t.  Instead, I chose to hide in the shadows and watch as the one I love more than anything else in the universe ripped his very soul apart for the sake of winning his father’s throne.  Maybe I am sharing my story with the mortal world in an attempt to find the answers I have been searching for since that fateful night, or maybe I am seeking absolution.  Whatever the reason, I know now I had to write this book, for myself, and for the mortal world.

I hope that answers your question…
What's it like to be an Archangel?

I’m tempted to ask you what it’s like to be human, but I won’t…

(well, technically, I'm not human either, so I couldn't really answer that! lol But continue please...)

Let me explain the title of Archangel to you.  Archangel is a military rank, reserved for elite warriors hand picked by Kether, the King of the gods, from the various celestial tribes to serve as his lieutenants, and lead the imperial legions into battle.  Currently there are sixteen of us, collectively we have one goal, to serve Kether, individually however, none of us thinks the same way, or shares the same beliefs.

In terms of what it’s like, being an Archangel has to be the toughest job in the Celestial world, many Celestials fear us, and most of the gods want us dead.  We are fierce warriors and can be unyielding in our approach to battle, but we are also quite noble, as a unit we strive to protect our world and yours, from any and all threats.  To put it in more human terms, I’ve often said being an Archangel is a lot like being a Samurai, a Ninja, a Knight of the Roundtable, and a Navy Seal all at once.

Wow, that's intense! What have you learned the most in this adventure?

I’ve learned, love is not enough to conquer all, and nothing in my world is as it seems.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it? 

I reveal secrets in this book that will shake the very core of human belief.  Humans are in love with the idea of heaven, but you’re even more enamored with the idea of Angels and Devils.  We are beguiling to you because we are powerful, but there is much more to us than meets the eye.  Creatures like me aren’t flawless, or pure; we are fearsome beings, capable of committing all sorts of petty little crimes against humanity, and against each other.  The reality you find in the pages of The Adversary is far from the surreal vision of endless jubilation most humans believe heaven to be.  In this book you will come to see my world for what it truly is, a place where order and chaos vie for control on a regular basis.

Finally, if you want to know the true story of Kether the King of the gods, and the complex relationship he shares with the Archangel Michael, and Lucifer, you will find it in the pages of The Adversary.

Where and when can we find your story?

If I am not silenced, The Adversary should be ready for publication by the end of this year, and should be available for purchase via Amazon in early 2012.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

Maria Rosario is the only human I have ever really trusted, because she isn’t afraid of the truth.   She lives in Cambridge, MA, about ten minuets away from the home of my dear friend and brother the Archangel Uriel.  She has a degree in Social Sciences from a small University in Cambridge, MA, and is a life long student of Art and Theology.  I have known Maria for most of her life, but formally introduced myself to her when she visited Notre Dame Cathedral in 1998.  It took her five years to listen, but since 2003 she has been documenting my stories, and we have been working as a team to piece together a series of three novel length narratives that will begin with The Adversary.  There will be more stories in between as well, so stay tuned to my blog at:

Thank you Asheer, for sharing your story and telling this world the truths of your world. We look forward to the release of your book.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interview with Lilyann Moon from Compulsion by Kymberlee Burks-Miller

 I'm very excited to introduce to you my friend and fellow evil-fighter Lilyann Moon. A 22-year-old woman who thought her family was the normal kind of strange, until her grandmother dies under mysterious circumstances and she has to redefine what strange means.

As if discovering you're a Moon witch from a long line of Irish witches isn't enough to ruin a girl's day, now the Moon Coven has until Halloween night to learn how to use their powers and protect their family, or suffer at the bite of some hungry vampires. And I thought getting your soul sucked by evil and having other family members after you was bad. Oh wait, that still is. But I can definitely empathize with Lily's plight!

Lilyann, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

My name is Lilyann Moon and according to the prophecy I'm the most powerful witch in over five centuries.  The book that I'm in is called Compulsion and it details my discovery of my heritage and my journey to save my family's lives and my own from the disgusting vampires who want to suck the blood from my veins. 

What's the hardest part about your quest in this book?

The hardest part about my journey in this book is trying to get my coven together on one page which would be to get down and work because my family is all over the place we have comedians , jocks, cheerleaders  and thinkers and the potential threat of falling in love with the enemy.

How does it feel to stumble into power, only to find that vampires are trying to kill you for that power? 

 I have to say that when I found out I was a witch I was stunned.  I mean I'm totally not what you would call super hero  material.  My best super hero skill before becoming a witch was finding a sale at Macy's , but now knowing that there are  vampires who want my blood and power I'll do what I have to in order to win. 

Did you know before your grandmother died that there was something different about your family?

Absolutely!!  But, I just thought we were the typical strange family.  Never in a million years could I have dreamed that the para normal would invade my life the way that it has. 

What have you learned the most in this adventure?

I've learned that my creator Kymberlee has a very short attention span and to trust myself.  Now that I have my power I need to trust in it and my coven to protect everyone that we love. 

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it? 

Well me Lilyann Moon I'm not that exciting.  I'm just your average everyday witch that can destroy everything and anything around her with just a simple hand movement , but the book Compulsion ...That's another story.  My family are all beautiful if I do say so myself.  So there's a character for everyone to fall in love with and lets not forget about the deliciously bad vampires.  I mean they're trying to steal my power and all , but I'm still a girl and they're hot.!!!

Where and when can we find your story?

Compulsion will be available through Barnes and Nobles , Books a Million and other fine retailers October 2011 and I'm told it will be available for e book and in print.
Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

My creator's name is Kymberlee Burks-Miller and she set up a fan page for Compulsion where she gives away lots of little tid bits about my story.  You can find that at  Or you can find her on her website http://www.Kymberlee
She has three other projects besides mine that shes working on.  Enchantment, Ravenwood, and Supernatural Society.  However, I'm on her like a hound on a rabbit to get my book out first.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview with Jane from Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan

Where do you go when your only memories seem to stem from a life not your own? Who do you call family when those who birthed you are but strangers?

Meet Jane...a woman lost in the past who must find herself before she is lost once again in the present.  

I have had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Jane on Twitter. Like me, she has suffered greatly at the hands of those closest to her. 

Jane, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

It is my belief that I am named Jane Pettigrew. I lived in the 19th century, a long time before my present life. In 1853, at the age of 22, I disappeared from my home town of Graynier, Massachusetts. I have come a long way to find this town again, in a new body appropriate to the present century. My desperate search is chronicled in a book, Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan. Ms. Kernochan, who is a filmmaker, filmed the scene of my arrival: Play my book trailer

Can you talk at all about the experience of reincarnation and memory?

I believe our past lives are recorded but hidden in a very deep place in our memory. If the Divine One intends us to discover these memories, they will appear – in dreams, in trance, or in the sensation called déjà vu – and they will seem to us as fantasy, but they are real. 

My own recollections, of being Jane in 1853, are coming back piece by piece as I walk through Graynier. Yet I fear that when my memory is complete, I will be staring into an unimaginable horror.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it?

There is someone in this town who caused my disappearance in the past life. This person, too, has been reincarnated to the present. I do not know whether I am looking for a man or a woman, adult or child. I will not rest until I know the answer, and neither will the reader.

Where can we find your story?

Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry both the hardcover and the ebook versions. iTunes carries the ebook only. Readers may also order the hardcover through their local bookstore.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

Sarah Kernochan has been most helpful in bringing my story to the page. She can be reached on her website at She is a chronic writer who has published another novel Dry Hustle, recorded two albums for RCA as a singer-songwriter, and written many screenplays for films such as 9 ½ Weeks, Impromptu, Sommersby, What Lies Beneath, and All I Wanna Do, which she also directed. She has won two Academy Awards for documentaries. She says few people know about these because the documentary category is the time when most Oscar viewers leave the room to use the privy.

Thank you Jane, for sharing with us your story! Read Author Kimberly Kinrade's review of Jane Was Here and get your copy today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Interview with Arman from The Kingdom: The Quest by Sean McGuire

Not the final stay tuned!

The Kingdom: The Quest is the beginning of a war that wasn't supposed to happen. Part One of The Kingdom Trilogy finds Arman, a timid young man, grieving in the wake of a terrible attack on his home village. 
An old man who had tormented him for two weeks past comes to him with three revelations. The old man himself is Menemaeus, the spirit who has defended Arman's world for mellenia. 
The Nameless One, a terrible enemy of old, has returned when he was not supposed to be able to. And Arman is the heir of a line of kings that is no longer supposed to exist. 

Menemaeus cannot defeat the Nameless One without a special item of power. As he seeks it, he sends Arman on a quest to warn as many countries as he can about the Nameless One, and build an alliance to hold out until Menemaeus returns. 

Arman sets out in a world that grows more and dangerous, with every mile he takes from home...

Arman, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

I'm Arman. Well... I should have said the Heir of the First Dynasty. Please don't get angry. I'm still trying to get used to it. So much has happened recently. My father was killed, and my village nearly burned to the ground. The protector of my world, Menemaeus, told me I'm the Heir of the First Dynasty. Those kings founded my country, Gyrden. They were supposed to be dead ages ago! And now the Nameless One is back, and Menemaeus wants me to warn as many countries as I can before the Nameless One attacks. The Kingdom: The Quest is the story of my attempt to do that.

What's the hardest part about living in your world, fulfilling your quest?

I've never had to speak to kings before in my life. I never even saw one before! All my life I've been taught to bow to royalty; now I must speak to them as an equal. That's not as easy as you think. And traveling outside of Gyrden has gotten dangerous lately! I have amazing bodyguards, but I still we don’t see any orcs.

I understand another character, Menemaeus, has come into your world and really upset the balance of things. And your quest requires you to step out of what is comfortable for you. Can you tell us about this and the impact it's having on your life?

I'm absolutely bewildered. Every night, I go to bed and get swamped by a million different sensations. Father is dead. I'm in strange lands, among strange people. Danger is never far away. There are forces that want me dead. I have to look like a hero now, so people won't despair. Will anyone listen to my message? Will they believe me? How long do I have before the Nameless One's armies arrive? 
I can't handle it all. I don't know if I'm going to make it. And Menemaeus terrifies me! I don't want to know what he'll do if I fail him. 

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it? 

I get chased through dark forests and ferocious rivers. I get thrown off towers and rattled by explosions. I even tumble down a waterfall. A friend of mine turns into a murderer, and another one falls in love with the werewolf who tried to kill him. A woman with great political power tries to seduce me. And my hopes get dashed by the end of the book. 

When and where can we purchase it?

October 20, 2011. My creator is publishing The Kingdom: The Quest as an e-book on There you'll be able to download it in several different formats, including Kindle, Sony Reader, Kobo, and PDF. If it makes the Smashwords Premium Catalog, it will be distributed to online booksellers like Apple and Barnes & Noble. If that happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find him. 

This is him. The man behind the story.
His name is Sean McGuire. He studies English at Benedictine College, writes about me, and looks at sunsets to find a new way to describe them. There's a blog that he is insufferably proud about. I hate to hurt people's feelings, but he spends too much time on it. It's at He wastes even more time at!/TheKingdomBooks. Heaven knows what he does on there.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interview with Ann: The Lonely girl from THE LION, THE LERPRECHAUN & THE LONELY GIRL

Would you want to kill a zombie lion? #no
 Today I am pleased to introduce my very first interview. I'm especially excited about this one, because her creator (Dmytry Karpov) and my creator (Kimberly Kinrade) are actually writing partners and living their own fairytale romance of epic proportions. I'm a little jealous of them, but that's beside the point. 

We're here to talk to Ann. She is a sexy badass that I am honored to call a friend. Honestly, I wouldn't mind her help in fighting the evils in my story, but it sounds like she's got her hands full on her own quest. I think she'd like my world more though. It's worth thinking about!

But her story is epic. Kimberly calls it the Shrek of the paranormal romance world, and I agree. So let me welcome Ann to my brand new blog!

Ann, please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

Hi, I’m Ann from “The Lion, The Leprechaun, and The Lonely Girl.” Guess who I am in the title? That’s right, the girl. I know hand to hand combat and am kick-ass at archery. My tale is of confronting fears and accepting reality. My story will change the world. 

The whole thing started when I discovered that zombies don’t actually want to eat me. Inconceivable, preposterous, absurd, I know. But true. 

Of course, my once upon a time friend, Laura, didn’t believe me when I said “I didn’t do anything.” She accused me of witch craft, and this stupid king called me guilty. But instead of just executing me, they sent me on a quest to kill some sort of zombie lion queen.  Right, like I’m doing that.

So instead, I set out to become…normal. Of course, along the way, I met many individuals who didn’t fit that description— including Neil, this dorky Leprechaun who attracts gold. At least, he was dorky at first. I taught him a thing or two about life. 

So, do I ever return home? Do Neil and I ever get along? Do I find a way to turn normal? Or do I face The Lion? Unfortunately, I have a contract that says I can’t reveal those things.

What's the hardest part about living in your world, fulfilling your quest?

Getting along with people. There are some really strange characters: A talking skeleton who likes disco, a French werewolf, a jedi-wannabe cult master. One can go crazy surrounded by so much ridiculous notions.

I’ll admit… money and food are also tough to come by ever since The World Before blew up.
No sexy nice vamp for Ann. Pity.

Tell me about Neil. What's he like? Sounds like you lost out on the hot vampire angle. That sucks. How do you feel about it? 

Neil’s a very…passionate person. He’s great at cooking, kind to strangers, and pretty funny, actually. He can be a wimp at times, but we’re working on that. Traveling with him is… fun. And good for one’s sanity. Though he’s a fairytale creature, he’s really down to earth.

Knowing that vampires are real, but not being able to find a hot, kind one, really sucked. But you know what didn’t suck: ending up with a hot, mean vampire. They’ll kill you faster than you can blink. Well…usually.

Of course, Neil’s a leprechaun. He’s short, freckly. He’s no vampire.

What else can you tell us that will get us all buying your book when it's released without spoiling it. 

This book is, really, about me. You’ll get to travel with me throughout the wastes as I search for a way to be normal, but you’ll also learn about my childhood: How I ended up training to become a guard. How a boy’s love for me ended in disaster. And how my dad left me.

Along with all the action, comedy, and adventure, there’s also a powerful emotional story here. It’s about learning to trust and learning to care.  It’s about finding home. 

And when can we expect this epic story to be available to read?

There's no concrete release date yet, so maybe I should kick my creator's ass until he makes one. Expect the book out by the end of this summer.

Tell us about your creator. Who is he? What kind of work does he write?

My creator is none other than the brilliantly talented and insanely smart Dmytry Karpov. How do I know he’s all these things? Because he created me, of course. 

His longer works are fun Young Adult novels, like my story, and darker Epic Fantasies.  His short stories are not always fantasy, and are often either horror, comedy, or both. 

You can find him @DmytryKarpov on twitter. Or on facebook. Make sure to check out his blog and learn more about my story:

And that wraps up my first character interview! Stay tuned next Tuesday for an interview with Arman from The Kingdom Trilogy 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Fighting Evil

Cover by Sarah E. Melville
Everyone assumes that when fighting evil and fulfilling prophesy, you don't have time to stay in touch with everyone.

This may have been true in medieval times, when it was hard to stay in touch even without evil. But we live in the 21st century, and the internet is a wonderful thing.

I've discovered that this cyberverse exists on all planes, and I am now able to post and tweet no matter where I am!

Now I can't give away much about what I am currently doing, you'll have to wait until my book comes out to read all about it. You can go bug my creator, Kimberly Kinrade, until she publishes Death by Destiny and the rest of my trilogy. Trust me, you're gonna love it!

In the meantime I thought it would be fun to keep up on my writing (I was a journalist before I got thrown into this whole mess I'm in now!) and interview some of my friends from other books.

I've already got a few very fun friends ready to play! If you know an interesting literary character you think I'd like, let me know. You can email me at DeathbyDestiny at

Also, follow me on twitter here. I'm new to this whole thing but Kimberly assures me she will help me.

I trust her, even though she keeps leaving me in untenable situations while she flits off to write other stories about OTHER people! #thenerve

So, stay tuned and let's have some fun!

(And go stalk my designer, she got my look perfectly! Sarah E. Melville