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Interview with Asheer: The Adversary by Maria Rosario

I like to keep things interesting here on The Chronicles of Corinne, so today I'm interviewing the lovely Asheer, who is not only incredibly powerful, but is also an Archangel! Welcome.

Asheer, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in. I understand you are the Archangel of War and master of the legions of Avalon, can you tell us what that means?

First of all let me say thank you for taking the time to interview me, it’s a real treat to meet a strong woman like you Corinne, it gives me hope for the mortal world.  Well my name is Asheer, as you’ve mentioned I am the Archangel of war, and master of the legions of the Avalon, but more on that bit in a moment.  Before any other title, I am the twin sister of the Archangel Gabriel, the older sister of the Archangel Shuliel, daughter of the Seraph Metatron and the Elf princess KarmynĂ©, niece of GarmynĂ©, King of the Southern Elves, wife of the Archangel Michael, a true friend, and a fierce warrior when I have to be.  

Wow! That's a mouth full. 

My book is called The Adversary; in it I reveal the secrets of a clandestine war between Kether, The King of The Gods, and an entity known as the Adversary.  Although it is forbidden for me or any other celestial to document our history, I believe the mortal world must be told about this conflict raging just beyond the veil of your reality, and I am the only one of my kind willing to tell you.  The conflict I am speaking of has been going on for ages, but recently, several hidden enemies have revealed themselves, and many of my friends and loved ones have been killed, or have changed their allegiance.  As a result, things have taken a turn for the worse, and are spinning out of control.  The catalyst of this mess is Lucifer, but he isn’t working alone. He has lots of help. It would be easy to deal with Lucifer and his group of cronies if they were the only problem. They are not, and if the Archangels loose this war the repercussions will reverberate across my world and your own.

In terms of what it means to be the Archangel of War, I was given that nickname centuries ago after I defeated the goddess Athena in battle. In those days I held the title of Archai, which mean I was Kether’s right hand and sole commander of his legions.  After the Great Celestial Wars I stepped down from my position as Archai, but the name stuck.  I take the role very seriously though, since it means the legions consider me a symbol of strength on the battlefield, and Michael, the current Archai, and Kether rely on me to develop sound and successful strategies in times of war.

What's the hardest part about your quest in this book?

The hardest part of my quest has been the loss of so many good friends and loved ones.  Celestials aren’t immortal. We die, but only through violent means, such as wars, and murder, or by choosing to enter the land of the dead willingly.  Because our life spans are so long we develop intensely deep attachments to our family and friends, which makes the separation of loosing someone very difficult for us.  My next statement might sound contradictory to some, but I don’t care much for violence or death. When I step out on the battlefield I see the beauty, and feel the intense pain of war, more than anyone else, which is one of the reasons why I walked away from the position of Archai.

The second difficult piece of my journey in this book has been coming to terms with my own guilt.  Many millennia ago I had a choice, I could have stopped Kether from making the mistake that led us to the calamity we are facing now, but I didn’t.  Instead, I chose to hide in the shadows and watch as the one I love more than anything else in the universe ripped his very soul apart for the sake of winning his father’s throne.  Maybe I am sharing my story with the mortal world in an attempt to find the answers I have been searching for since that fateful night, or maybe I am seeking absolution.  Whatever the reason, I know now I had to write this book, for myself, and for the mortal world.

I hope that answers your question…
What's it like to be an Archangel?

I’m tempted to ask you what it’s like to be human, but I won’t…

(well, technically, I'm not human either, so I couldn't really answer that! lol But continue please...)

Let me explain the title of Archangel to you.  Archangel is a military rank, reserved for elite warriors hand picked by Kether, the King of the gods, from the various celestial tribes to serve as his lieutenants, and lead the imperial legions into battle.  Currently there are sixteen of us, collectively we have one goal, to serve Kether, individually however, none of us thinks the same way, or shares the same beliefs.

In terms of what it’s like, being an Archangel has to be the toughest job in the Celestial world, many Celestials fear us, and most of the gods want us dead.  We are fierce warriors and can be unyielding in our approach to battle, but we are also quite noble, as a unit we strive to protect our world and yours, from any and all threats.  To put it in more human terms, I’ve often said being an Archangel is a lot like being a Samurai, a Ninja, a Knight of the Roundtable, and a Navy Seal all at once.

Wow, that's intense! What have you learned the most in this adventure?

I’ve learned, love is not enough to conquer all, and nothing in my world is as it seems.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it? 

I reveal secrets in this book that will shake the very core of human belief.  Humans are in love with the idea of heaven, but you’re even more enamored with the idea of Angels and Devils.  We are beguiling to you because we are powerful, but there is much more to us than meets the eye.  Creatures like me aren’t flawless, or pure; we are fearsome beings, capable of committing all sorts of petty little crimes against humanity, and against each other.  The reality you find in the pages of The Adversary is far from the surreal vision of endless jubilation most humans believe heaven to be.  In this book you will come to see my world for what it truly is, a place where order and chaos vie for control on a regular basis.

Finally, if you want to know the true story of Kether the King of the gods, and the complex relationship he shares with the Archangel Michael, and Lucifer, you will find it in the pages of The Adversary.

Where and when can we find your story?

If I am not silenced, The Adversary should be ready for publication by the end of this year, and should be available for purchase via Amazon in early 2012.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

Maria Rosario is the only human I have ever really trusted, because she isn’t afraid of the truth.   She lives in Cambridge, MA, about ten minuets away from the home of my dear friend and brother the Archangel Uriel.  She has a degree in Social Sciences from a small University in Cambridge, MA, and is a life long student of Art and Theology.  I have known Maria for most of her life, but formally introduced myself to her when she visited Notre Dame Cathedral in 1998.  It took her five years to listen, but since 2003 she has been documenting my stories, and we have been working as a team to piece together a series of three novel length narratives that will begin with The Adversary.  There will be more stories in between as well, so stay tuned to my blog at: http://theasheerproject.wordpress.com/

Thank you Asheer, for sharing your story and telling this world the truths of your world. We look forward to the release of your book.

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