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Interview with Ann: The Lonely girl from THE LION, THE LERPRECHAUN & THE LONELY GIRL

Would you want to kill a zombie lion? #no
 Today I am pleased to introduce my very first interview. I'm especially excited about this one, because her creator (Dmytry Karpov) and my creator (Kimberly Kinrade) are actually writing partners and living their own fairytale romance of epic proportions. I'm a little jealous of them, but that's beside the point. 

We're here to talk to Ann. She is a sexy badass that I am honored to call a friend. Honestly, I wouldn't mind her help in fighting the evils in my story, but it sounds like she's got her hands full on her own quest. I think she'd like my world more though. It's worth thinking about!

But her story is epic. Kimberly calls it the Shrek of the paranormal romance world, and I agree. So let me welcome Ann to my brand new blog!

Ann, please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

Hi, I’m Ann from “The Lion, The Leprechaun, and The Lonely Girl.” Guess who I am in the title? That’s right, the girl. I know hand to hand combat and am kick-ass at archery. My tale is of confronting fears and accepting reality. My story will change the world. 

The whole thing started when I discovered that zombies don’t actually want to eat me. Inconceivable, preposterous, absurd, I know. But true. 

Of course, my once upon a time friend, Laura, didn’t believe me when I said “I didn’t do anything.” She accused me of witch craft, and this stupid king called me guilty. But instead of just executing me, they sent me on a quest to kill some sort of zombie lion queen.  Right, like I’m doing that.

So instead, I set out to become…normal. Of course, along the way, I met many individuals who didn’t fit that description— including Neil, this dorky Leprechaun who attracts gold. At least, he was dorky at first. I taught him a thing or two about life. 

So, do I ever return home? Do Neil and I ever get along? Do I find a way to turn normal? Or do I face The Lion? Unfortunately, I have a contract that says I can’t reveal those things.

What's the hardest part about living in your world, fulfilling your quest?

Getting along with people. There are some really strange characters: A talking skeleton who likes disco, a French werewolf, a jedi-wannabe cult master. One can go crazy surrounded by so much ridiculous notions.

I’ll admit… money and food are also tough to come by ever since The World Before blew up.
No sexy nice vamp for Ann. Pity.

Tell me about Neil. What's he like? Sounds like you lost out on the hot vampire angle. That sucks. How do you feel about it? 

Neil’s a very…passionate person. He’s great at cooking, kind to strangers, and pretty funny, actually. He can be a wimp at times, but we’re working on that. Traveling with him is… fun. And good for one’s sanity. Though he’s a fairytale creature, he’s really down to earth.

Knowing that vampires are real, but not being able to find a hot, kind one, really sucked. But you know what didn’t suck: ending up with a hot, mean vampire. They’ll kill you faster than you can blink. Well…usually.

Of course, Neil’s a leprechaun. He’s short, freckly. He’s no vampire.

What else can you tell us that will get us all buying your book when it's released without spoiling it. 

This book is, really, about me. You’ll get to travel with me throughout the wastes as I search for a way to be normal, but you’ll also learn about my childhood: How I ended up training to become a guard. How a boy’s love for me ended in disaster. And how my dad left me.

Along with all the action, comedy, and adventure, there’s also a powerful emotional story here. It’s about learning to trust and learning to care.  It’s about finding home. 

And when can we expect this epic story to be available to read?

There's no concrete release date yet, so maybe I should kick my creator's ass until he makes one. Expect the book out by the end of this summer.

Tell us about your creator. Who is he? What kind of work does he write?

My creator is none other than the brilliantly talented and insanely smart Dmytry Karpov. How do I know he’s all these things? Because he created me, of course. 

His longer works are fun Young Adult novels, like my story, and darker Epic Fantasies.  His short stories are not always fantasy, and are often either horror, comedy, or both. 

You can find him @DmytryKarpov on twitter. Or on facebook. Make sure to check out his blog and learn more about my story: http://dmytrykarpov.blogspot.com/

And that wraps up my first character interview! Stay tuned next Tuesday for an interview with Arman from The Kingdom Trilogy 

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