Monday, July 18, 2011

Interview with Jane from Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan

Where do you go when your only memories seem to stem from a life not your own? Who do you call family when those who birthed you are but strangers?

Meet Jane...a woman lost in the past who must find herself before she is lost once again in the present.  

I have had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Jane on Twitter. Like me, she has suffered greatly at the hands of those closest to her. 

Jane, Please introduce yourself to us and tell us about the book you are in.

It is my belief that I am named Jane Pettigrew. I lived in the 19th century, a long time before my present life. In 1853, at the age of 22, I disappeared from my home town of Graynier, Massachusetts. I have come a long way to find this town again, in a new body appropriate to the present century. My desperate search is chronicled in a book, Jane Was Here by Sarah Kernochan. Ms. Kernochan, who is a filmmaker, filmed the scene of my arrival: Play my book trailer

Can you talk at all about the experience of reincarnation and memory?

I believe our past lives are recorded but hidden in a very deep place in our memory. If the Divine One intends us to discover these memories, they will appear – in dreams, in trance, or in the sensation called déjà vu – and they will seem to us as fantasy, but they are real. 

My own recollections, of being Jane in 1853, are coming back piece by piece as I walk through Graynier. Yet I fear that when my memory is complete, I will be staring into an unimaginable horror.

Is there anything else you can tell us about you or your book that will make us all rush to buy it?

There is someone in this town who caused my disappearance in the past life. This person, too, has been reincarnated to the present. I do not know whether I am looking for a man or a woman, adult or child. I will not rest until I know the answer, and neither will the reader.

Where can we find your story?

Amazon and Barnes & Noble carry both the hardcover and the ebook versions. iTunes carries the ebook only. Readers may also order the hardcover through their local bookstore.

Tell us about your creator and where we might find her.  Does she have any more projects in the future we might enjoy?

Sarah Kernochan has been most helpful in bringing my story to the page. She can be reached on her website at She is a chronic writer who has published another novel Dry Hustle, recorded two albums for RCA as a singer-songwriter, and written many screenplays for films such as 9 ½ Weeks, Impromptu, Sommersby, What Lies Beneath, and All I Wanna Do, which she also directed. She has won two Academy Awards for documentaries. She says few people know about these because the documentary category is the time when most Oscar viewers leave the room to use the privy.

Thank you Jane, for sharing with us your story! Read Author Kimberly Kinrade's review of Jane Was Here and get your copy today!

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